Mandatory Continuing Legal Education

Every active and senior member of the Oklahoma Bar Association, who is practicing law in Oklahoma must complete a minimum of  12 CLE credits (including at least  two legal ethics credits) by February 15.

The MCLE department is responsible for reviewing seminars for accreditation and for ensuring that our members who practice law in Oklahoma are in compliance with the annual educational requirement and ensuring that our members who are eligible for an MCLE exemption timely report their exemptions. Failure to report the required approved CLE credits or failure to report one of the allowed exemptions could result in non-compliance fees ranging from $100 to $700.


Report Your MCLE Credits

It is your responsibility to make sure that your mandatory CLE credits are accurately and timely reported.

As soon as you attend an Oklahoma approved CLE program, make sure that the provider or you report your attendance. Providers are allowed 30 days to submit attendance reports. You can report your attendance by submitting a certificate of attendance, or the equivalent, from the provider. If you are close to a deadline, you should always provide verification of your attendance to the MCLE department, regardless of whether the sponsor agrees to report your attendance. Lawyers cannot report their own attendance credit online.


MCLE Exemptions

Find out who is eligible to report an exemption from the  12 credit annual requirement.

MCLE Waivers

You don't qualify for an exemption. But because of an extreme hardship you are not able to earn the required credit by December 31. Waiver application form.

MCLE Accreditation

Provider and Member information about MCLE course accreditation. Providers are required to report OBA member attendees within 30 days, using one of our sponsor attendance reporting templates.